Walking after midnight

(Patsy Cline)

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I go ou-out walking, a-af-te-er midnight
Out in the moonlight
Ju-ust like we used to-o do
I'm always wa-alking, a-a-after midnight
Sear-ear-ching fo-o-or you-ou-ou
I walk fo-or-or miles along the hi-ighway
Well tha-at's ju-ust my-y way
Of sa-aying I-I-I lo-ove you-ou
I'm a-always walking a-after mi-idnight
Sear-earch-ing fo-or you
Oh- I stop to see a weeping willow
Crying on his pil-l-low
Maybe he's cry-y-ing fo-or me-e-e-e
A-a-a-nd as the skies turn gloomy
Ni-ight winds whisper to me
I'm lo-onesome a-as I-I ca-an be-e
I go ou-out walking, a-af-ter-er midnight
Out in the moonlight
Ju-ust hoping you-ou may-ay be
Somewher-ere-ere a walking a-af-ter- midnight
Sear-earching for-or-or me-e-e
I stop to see a weeping willow
Cry-ry-in on his pillow
May-aybe he's cry-y-in for-or-or me-e-e
An-nd as the skies turn glo-oo-my
Ni-i-ight winds whi-isper to-oo-oo me
I'm lo-onesome a-a-as I can be-e-e
I go out wa-alking
A-a-after mi-idnight
Out in the moonlight
Ju-u-st hoping you may be-e-e-e-e
Somewhere a walking a-af-ter midnight
Sear-ear-ching fo-or me-e-e