Pretty woman

(Roy Orbison)

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Pretty woman walkin´down the street,
Pretty woman the kind I´d like to meet,
Pretty woman
I don´t believe you´re not the truth,
no one could look as good as you,


Pretty woman, won´t you pardon me,
Pretty woman, I couldn´t help but see,
Pretty woman,
And you look lovely as can be,
Are you lonely just like me,

Pretty woman, stop a while,
Pretty woman, take a while,
Pretty woman give your smile to me,

Pretty woman, Yeah Yeah Yeah
Pretty woman, look my way
Pretty woman, say you´ll stay with me,

´cause I need you, I´ll treat you right,
come with me Baby, be mine tonight,

Pretty woman, don´t walk on by,
Pretty woman, don´t make me cry
Pretty woman
Don´t walk away Hey, (pause) Okay
(pause) If that´s the way it must be Okay
I guess I´ll go on home it´s late,
there´ll be tomorrow night but wait,
what do I see, is she walking back to me
Yeah! She´s walking back to me,
Ooohhh, Pretty woman.