I am right here

(Samantha Mumba)

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Back in the day I did not know
What to look for in my new boy
So I would just settle
For guys I should never
Even have dated but now I know better
Because I'm experienced
All types of relationships
Now I know what I need
So I should just speed
My dream guy into real
life with me, y . e . ah
My Mr. Right
When a guy who is
Styled beautiful smile
Wears that cologne
That drives women wild
Takes more than just
Looks to get me shook
If he captures my mind
He'll have me hooked
When a guy with intelligence
A perfect gentlemen
To be more than a lover be
more than my man
A guy who could be my best friend
In my life My Mr. Right
Wanna know where I'm right here
Who are out there Wanna know where
Up in the air I'm right here
I wanna know where could they b . e
Over there no they're right here
I think they're over there
Said I wanna know where
I think they're over here
I know they're here somewhere
A man out there Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah In the air
I'm right here out there
Wanna know where
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm right here up in the air
And say I'm right here