Marcus Viana was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in a family of musicians. His father, Sebastião Viana, a well known conductor, was the assistant of the greatest brazilian composer Villa Lobos.

In spite of his family musical background, Marcus only began his violin lessons at the age of 13, with the Hungarian teacher Gabor Buza.

In the end of his adolescence, Marcus lived in Harvertown, Pensilvannia, USA, and played violin in the Harvertown Symphonic Orchestra and produced his first compositions.

Returning to Brazil, Marcus participates in several Pop Music Festivals all over his state, Minas Gerais, always winning the first prizes.

Although his deep envolvement with music, this only became a profession when he started to play at the Minas Gerais Symphonic Orchestra, where he remained for seven years as a violinist.

Besides his work at the orchestra, his participation as a musician on the "Saecula Saeculorum" group, opened him the doors of another musical style: the progressive rock.

Marcus Viana, since the 70s has always been interested in the electrification of the violin, trying a fusion of classical, rock and brazilian music elements.

In 1979, Marcus creates "Sagrado Coração da Terra", a group that mixes vocal and instrumental music in the progressive symphonic rock line with emphasis in ecological and spiritual matters.

Actually, Sagrado has already released six albums (four of them also in Japan) and is considered by the international specialized critics as the best latin american progressive band.

During the 80s, Marcus Viana records and tours with Milton Nascimento, Beto Guedes, Lô Borges and Flavio Venturini, all over Brazil.

In 1988 Sagrado's second album (Flecha) has the title song chosen to be a theme of a Globo TV soap opera and from this moment on, Marcus begins his career as a soundtrack composer.

1990 starts with an invitation from Manchete TV for Marcus to create the soundtrack and ouverture of the series "Pantanal", directed by Mr. Jayme Monjardim and also the love theme of the main couple of the story. "Pantanal" became a huge succcess and today remains as one of the top Brazilian's TV series of all times. In December of this year, he releases "Pantanal - Symphonic Suite", the first instrumental CD of a soundtrack in Brazil. From "Pantanal" on, Marcus Viana and Jayme Monjardim stablish a partnership that still continues now.

Besides being the producer of his own CDs and making soundtracks for TV series, films, theater and ballet, he has also received several prizes as an author of jingles and soundtracks for radio and TV commercials.

In the years after the production of "Pantanal", Marcus creates the label "Sonhos & Sons" (Sounds & Dreams) - a reflex of his multiple talents. Many music styles are released by Sonhos & Sons such as children folk songs, the instrumental collection "Trilhas e Temas"(Themes and Soundtracks), that brings his music for TV; the new age music collection "Música das Esferas" (Music of the Spheres), dedicated to meditation and inner healing and also Sagrado Coração da Terra's CDs.

During the 90s, Marcus Viana continues his work as a soundtrack composer, besides Sagrado Coração da Terra and his many other phonographic projects.

When the director Jayme Monjardim returns to Globo TV, Marcus is invited to produce the soundtrack of the serie "Chiquinha Gonzaga", a great carioca composer of the beginning of the XX century. Concerning this work, he dedicates himself to an extreme research work about the Brazilian music from 1845 to 1935.

After "Chiquinha Gonzaga", Viana composes the "Terra Nostra" soundtrack, released in a CD named "Speranza" and also the serie "Aquarela do Brasil", both of them in Globo TV and under the direction of Jayme Monjardim.

In his label, many titles are released: three children's Cds, the 5th CD of Sagrado Coração da Terra - "Leste do Sol, Oeste da Lua" and "Terra" - 3rd volume of "Musica das Esferas" collection that was indicated to the 2001 Latin Grammy Awards as the "Best Pop Music Instrumental Album".

In the beginning of 2001, Marcus Viana produces and releases "Francisco de Assis" (St. Francis of Assissi) - a Cd with the musical history of the great mystical character of the 12th century and "Sacred Heart of Earth" a collection of Sagrado's songs originally composed in English.

From the second semester of 2001 on, Marcus Viana, as musical director of the TV series "The Clone" (El Clon), composes all the instrumental soundtrack, the opening song and the love theme of the main couple that became a hit in the brazilian radio stations. This love song, "A Miragem", has been recorded by Mr. Michael Bolton in an English version named "All for Love".

He also participates as a composer, arranger and musical producer of the Cd "Velho Chico", a part of an ecological and social project of the São Francisco River in Brazil.

In the beginning of 2002, Mr. Viana releases the CD "Maktub" with the instrumental soundtrack and the main songs of the TV series "The Clone".

The great success of the soap opera in Portugal and in the USA, opens to Marcus' music a new public, making possible the release of his CDs out of Brazil.