A pioneer by definition is the first one to open roads into virtually undiscovered territory.The career of DJ and producer Anderson Noise is one as pioneer of the electronic music scence in Brazil. Native of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Noise started DJ ing in a slow but steady manner as is the custom in his region of Brazil. Yet he never forget to take the necessary steps to insure total success. In 1989, during the explosion of Acid House on the club scene, Noise started playing around the local circuit in his hometown. With the professional passion for DJ ing, hes noted for saying that, the function of a DJ is to emote the audience or bring them to an emotional frenzy. Subsequently Noise started organizing and producing large scale events in which he could also DJ for as early as 1992.

With a fervor, he opened space for the expansion of the electronic music scence in the capital city of Minas Gerais, which as the time was in an embryonic state locally speaking.

There were more than 40 party events thrown in places like mental institutions, car dealership lots, shopping centers, historic buildings, etc, etc. The Noise Family turned into an institution, as the entire family was involved in organizing and working the events. Mamma Noise, Anderson´s mother worked as hostess in the events,and Alvinho Little Noise joined in the fun burning up the dance floor spinning records along with Anderson. The first compilation disk come out in 96, "Paralisia Cerebral", when the dream of producing his own records turned into a reality in the talented hands of Anderson Noise.

In 1997 he was invited to include "Shantytown" on "Electronic Music Brazil", the first CD of 100% Brazilian DJ's& Procucers released by Sony-Mercado Mundo Mix.Without fear of expanding his horizons, Noise promoted the first trio electrico playing exclusively electronic music in 1999 during Carnabelô, the off season Mineiro Carnival that turned into a must see perfomance. Without knowing it, he would be acquiring the experience which would later prepare him for a bigger challenge playing on Daniela Mercury´s trio electrico during the Salvador Carnival of 2002, giving him huge national exposure in the media. On the shelves of the great DJ´s are always something besides records, that being trophy's and awards.In 97', Noise won the Best Underground DJ award for the magazine ,"DJ Sound". In the two times that "DJ Sound" ran the competition Anderson won each time.

Then he won the trophy for the best producer and the best DJ of techno music which was called the "Night Illustrated" award created by Erika Palomino from the newspaper "A Folha De São Paulo". The faíscas trophy, an award Noise Won 3 years in a row was offered by the Minas Newspaper, "O Estado de Minas" for those artists that shook up the nightlife in Belo Horizonte and in 2003 he was runner up in the Cool Magazine Awards, Brazils most elegant electronic music magazine.The trophy was given to him in the subsequent year of 2004, as best DJ. Anderson has always participated in the major national/Brazilian Eletronic Music Events.His presence was felt by all in every edition of the Skol Beats Festival since it's inception,serendipitously closing the 2003 Skol Beats Festival with great fanfare.Noise also participated in the "Electronic Tent" of Rock in Rio in 2000.

It was in this year that his second compilation CD was released called "October", with some tracks produced by his own record label ´´Noise Music. The label started up in 1999 with the intention of bringing music to the world composed and produced by Brazilians. In his own words;" We Brazilians always buy music by gringo artists and the gringos in turn never have any of our music". There has already been great electronic music produced in Brazil of excellent quality waiting to be shown to the world.

In 2001 Anderson became a DJ in residence at "Headstart Night" in the "Turmills Club" of London, integrating a select group of Brazilian DJs that were playing in the UK and Europe at the time. At the same time Noise played abroad he would share the stage with great interational DJs when they would tour Brazil. The must notable of them who was impressed by the mineiro DJ was Carl Cox, considered the greatest DJ on the planet. Carl Cox was impressed by Noise's force of playing the first time Cox toured Brazil. "Anderson is very talented. He played with me sometime before, sometimes after. He also has his own label, Noise Music. They´re good records, too good to ignore. In the 2001 issue of DJ Magazine, "2002 Top 100", Cox classified Anderson as the future "DJ Hero'.

His third CD compilation came out in 2002, greatly pleasing his Brazilian fan base, "Noise Music Compilation 100% Mix, Anderson Noise". It was released by a major record company,bringing all of the best Noise Music tracks into the form of an awesome set list compilation. It was well received in Brazil as well as in Europe , calling the attention of Trevor Rockcliffe, the owner of Mentor Records, a very well respected English label.After hearing the material, Rockcliffe wanted to release "Você Mesmo" on his Mentor Label. In 2002 Anderson started up his radio show, “Radio Noise”, as one of his various weekly programs in his site.

In 2003 Anderson was invited by "DJ Magazine", the worlds most respected publication dedicated to electronic music, to produce his fourth CD, "DJ World Series, Anderson Noise". In a series of 5 records that the magazine released, where each DJ, representing a different continent would make a record representing his continent of origin, Anderson was chosen to represent Latin America.

From then on Noise's international career kept growing steadily.He has participated in the biggest international festivals: Homelands, Dance Valley, Creamfields, Sonar, Exit, Nokia Tredns, Rock in Rio Lisboa, SAMC, Knebworth Ministry of Sound, etc. His presentations around the world have given him the opportunity to play in various countries such as; Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia and Montenegro, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela and Vietnã. Noises CD´s, records,and DVD's have been released by international labels such as AFU LAB, Audio, Circle Music, Desaper Here, Eukatech, Harthouse, Jericho, Lo Kik, Mentor, Missile, Molecular Pild, Primate, Sleaze, Spectrum & Teggno and are being played throughout the world.

Noises fifth CD is an innovative one for the Brazilian public called, "Anderson Noise Live @ Skol Beats 04". It is the first electronic music CD recorded live by a Brazilian DJ during his gig at the Skol Beats Festival which is the biggest electronic music festival of it´s kind in Latin America. In Anderson´s never tiring mode, he released shortly afterwards the first DVD from a Brazilian DJ, "Brazilian Love Affair",that accompanies Anderson´s club/gig- circuit in many different states/regions of Brazil in which he is resident DJ. As far as Noise is concerned, there exists no limits that can't be surpassed.

In 2006 Anderson Noise for the second time closed Skol Beats, the principal electronic music festival of Latin America with great acclaim. This year he was ranked in the top 100 DJ’s, coming in at 79th place by DJ MAG.Currently.

In 2007 Anderson Noise returned by putting the Brazilian name in the top 100 most popular DJ's of the world ranking by DJ Mag. This time he ranked in at 54. He also had his composition "Homem-Cachorro" played in the movie soundtrack of the film "O Passado", by the renowned Brazilian director Hector Babenco.

In 2008 the DJ released 9 EP's and was invited by the Spanish club, "La Terrazza", to compile his own annual CD that involved the German label "Circle Music". Noise returned to the Top 100 DJ's of DJ MAG again this time coming in at 26, being the only Brazilian DJ to place in the top 100 3 years in a row and that scored the best rankings until today.

In the first week of 2009 Anderson Noise released his second DVD, The"Connection 1969", the first documentary about a Brazilian DJ. He put this together with his 7th CD compilation, "NOISE CONNECTION", that entails his own productions, remixes,and unreleased mixes. In this same year Noise's DVD was shown at the 10th edition of the FILE International Festival of Electronic Language. Anderson also was elected for first place in DJ MAG Brazil's ranking of the no.1 DJ in the country!

Still in 2009,Anderson Noise was invited by Joao Carlos Martins to participate in the project "Anderson Noise and Joao Carlos Martins in Concert", with The Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra. This resulted in an emotionally charged concert uniting electronic music and classical music in Sala Sao Paulo.

Anderson Noise is currently the resident DJ of Clash Club (São Paulo), D-Edge (São Paulo) and Deputamadre (Belo Horizonte)

This is surely a great virtue for those who are of a creative and pioneering nature.


SINGLES and  2xLP and 3xLP
Anderson Noise - "Seven Years EP Part 2" – [Really Really Big Rec-022] 2010
Anderson Noise - "Seven Years EP Part 1" – [Really Really Big Rec-020] 2010
Anderson Noise - "Bahiami EP" – [Lo Kik-058] 2010
Anderson Noise - "Parana EP" – [Sleaze-023] 2009
Anderson Noise - "Deputamadre EP" – [Sleaze-020] 2009
Anderson Noise - "Manada EP" – [Teggno-071] 2009
Anderson Noise - "Dona Chica EP" – [Lo Kik-039] 2009
Anderson Noise - “Ginseng EP” – [Noise Music-023] 2009
Anderson Noise - "Alcateia EP" – [Jericho-042] 2009
Anderson Noise - "Emergency EP" – [Lo Kik-034] 2009
Anderson Noise & Gui Boratto - "Triads EP " – [Spectrum-801] 2008
Anderson Noise - "Shibuya Remixes EP " – [Harthouse-031-8] 2008
Anderson Noise - "Rocinha" Mechanic Side Of Nature – [Circle Music-007-2] 2008
Anderson Noise - “Homem-Cachorro Remixes EP” – [Noise Music-020] 2008
Anderson Noise - "Doori" Mirror Of The Future – [Harthouse-012-3] 2008
Anderson Noise - "Atividade Maxi EP" – [AFU LAB-003] 2008
Anderson Noise - "Jonny EP" – [Lo Kik-027] 2008
Anderson Noise - "Jardins Remixes EP" – [Harthouse-022-8] 2008
Anderson Noise - "Londrina Remixes EP" – [Harthouse-018-8] 2008
Anderson Noise - "Cachaça EP" – [Pild Rercods-001] 2008
Anderson Noise & Atto - "Guimba EP" – [Noise Music-016] 2007
Anderson Noise & Alex Flatner - "Active Agent EP " – [Harthouse] 2007
Anderson Noise - “Tchuca EP” – [Noise Music-015] 2006
Anderson Noise & DM - “Friends & Crocodiles EP” – [Disappear Here-001] 2006
Anderson Noise & Marco Lenzi - "Dirty Play EP " – [Noise Music-014] 2006
Anderson Noise & Marco Lenzi - "The Deal-Remix EP" – [Missile-060.5] 2006
Anderson Noise - “Seu Cabelo EP” – [Noise Music-013] 2006
Anderson Noise & Ken Ishii - “Vale Tudo EP” – [Noise Music-012] 2006
Anderson Noise - “I Can do That EP” – [Noise Music-011] 2006
Anderson Noise & Preach - “Caipirinha EP” – [Noise Music-010] 2005
Anderson Noise & Marco Lenzi - “Move It EP” – [Primate-086] 2005
Anderson Noise - “Homem-Cachorro EP” – [Noise Music-009] 2005
Anderson Noise & Marco Lenzi - “The Deal EP” – [Missile-060] 2005
Anderson Noise & Paco Osuna - “Noiser EP” – [Noise Music-008] 2005
Anderson Noise - “Remixes EP” – [Noise Music-007] 2004
Anderson Noise - “Voce Mesmo EP” – [Mentor-009] 2004
Anderson Noise & Marco Lenzi - “The Ridder EP” – [Molecular-005] 2004
Anderson Noise - "Mizifio" – [Tropic-ST2] 2004
Anderson Noise & Marco Lenzi – “Augusta EP” – [Audio-039] 2003
Anderson Noise - “Copacabana EP” – [Noise Music-005] 2003
Anderson Noise & Marco Lenzi – “Belo Horizonte EP” – [Eukateck-057] 2003
Anderson Noise - "Green Pink" e "Lego" – [Muquifo] 2001
Anderson Noise - "Pink" – [Dj World / Hypno Beats] 2001
Anderson Noise - “Outubro EP” – [Noise Music-002] 2000
Anderson Noise - "Shantytown" – [MMM-Sony] 1998

Nir Shoshani – “Nothing” (Anderson Noise Remix) – [Punch Music] 2011
Bomb The Bass – “Boy Girl” (Anderson Noise Remix) – [K7] 2010
Jamie Anderson - "Tornado" (Anderson Noise Remix) – [Noise Music-006] 2004
Danilela Mercury - "Ago Lonan" (Anderson Noise Remix) – [BMG] 2004
Hugh Burrows - “Change" (Anderson Noise Remix) – [Travellers-001] 2002
Jotta Quest - "Oxigênio” (Anderson Noise Remix) – [Sony] 2001
Junia Lanbert -"Back Lights” (Anderson Noise Remix) – [BMG] 1999


Anderson Noise - "Noise Connection" – [3Plus+ST2] 2009
La Terrrazza – Atmospherical Fun Club Mixed by Anderson Noise – [Circle] 2008
Anderson Noise Live @ Skol Beats 04 – [ST2] 2004
DJ World Series - "Anderson Noise" – [DJ Mag] 2003
Noise Music Compilation 100% Mix Anderson Noise – [Universal/FNM] 2002
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Anderson Noise - Connection 1969 - [3Plus+ST2] 2009
O Passado - "Homem-Cachorro" - [Warner] 2007
Anderson Noise - Brazilian Love Affair - [ST2] 2005


Minimal Only Vol. 2 -"Jardins Remix Allan Villar" - [Streetlight] 2009
Lo Kik Nigths - "Emergency Remix Noronha & Dupre" – [Lo Kik] 2009
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