8º Bidu Sayão International Vocal Competition 2008

The strategic investment
in singing

Registrations in the 8th Bidu Sayão competition will lead to a preliminary selection of nearly 100 voices and we will finally arrive at 50 selected vocalists who will participate in the eliminations for the public.

More than a hundred young people in different phases of preparation. And we know that this number is far from reflecting what is actually happening in this area in Brazil. At this moment, thousands of young people in the most diverse conditions are studying singing in every Brazilian state.

With the candidates selected from the Bidu Sayão, both national and foreign, various groups can be started that are dedicated to the study and practice of opera, to the dissemination of the enormous classical repertoire, to complementary educational training projects and to so many other possibilities patterned after what is taking place in centers for excellence in culture outside Brazil.

We are experiencing the paradox of an extreme need of support for singing, and at the same time, as the very results of the Bidu Sayão reveal, an enormous creative effervescence, which generates a demand by a job market that is considerable and in a phase of full acceleration.

One path is in the understanding that investment in communication technology will result in convergences still unimaginable to the lay person. Thus the urgent desirability of also investing in the area of singing and classical music, keeping in mind the creation of possible contents. Classical culture is strategic in training and development, with incredible perspective for return, whatever the analysis parameters might be.

 The Bidu Sayão is a competition that demonstrates this. There is a biunivocal relationship between the institution and the participants and a very significant assimilation of the audiences involved in the projects. This fact can be observed since the creation of the competition and its first years in the state of Pará where there were more than 650 registrations, with 67 singers receiving awards, of which the vast majority had careers or were studying here and outside Brazil.

The competition could be held for the first time and in succeeding years because of the strength of sensibility of one individual: architect and urbanist Paulo Chaves Fernandes, who at the time when the competition began was Secretary of Culture of Pará and zealous about the need for cultural dissemination and to broaden the horizons of imagination and thought. To him we owe the growth and maturity of the competition and the opportunity to develop the project at levels of international quality.

Holding the competition in Belo Horizonte is a new phase. Also, here the conjunction of forces between the State Government, through the Department of culture and the sponsorship of CEMIG – Electrical Centers of Minas Gerais, and the tax waiver by the Federal Government through the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Federal Law of Incentives, make it possible to take this competition forward, which is a victory for all Brazilian singers.

We are still very far from the future that is hoped for classical singing. There is much to do, whether in granting scholarships, improving teaching standards and incentives for developing new schools and conservatories, in creating exchange programs for students and teachers, in the production and incentive of technical and scientific research for singing, in the publication of specific literature, in the improvement of co-related multidisciplinary professionals, in the development of artistic training programs at various levels, in the development of public policies and in private investments to broaden the job market.

Practices that integrate the construction of the Bidu Sayão Competition and must be a part of the expectations of everyone who participate in it: singers, pianists, teachers, conductors, jury members, supporters, sponsors and the public.


Bidu Sayão International Vocal Competition
Cleber Papa: President
Rosana Caramaschi: Management


E-mail: spimagem@uol.com.br

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