IV Bidu Sayão International Vocal Competition 2003

The International Bidu Sayão Vocal Competition in its fourth edition.

To be held in the State of Pará, in the city of Belém, the Bidu Sayão Vocal Competition is performed at the Theatro da Paz, a monument dedicated to the bel canto and maintaining its original vocation as an opera space.

We have tried to give the competition the characteristic of a privileged hearing for a Jury composed in its greatest part by professionals with their main focus of activity on the selection of voices for opera and concert productions. This "push" has helped singers to gain a position in their career, or even to get open doors to important people and entities in the segment.
Another aspect to be pointed out is that we also try to give them an atmosphere of sharing among singers, so as to reference their individual work from collective performances. This is to say that the competition is becoming an important opportunity for young singers to set forth personal goals, to be in contact with the universe comprising both Brazilian and International voices that are starting to participate in the competition and, most of all, both to be listened to and to listen to individual suggestions about their future. That is why the Jury, after the performances, shall be at the candidates' disposition to comment on the results attained, and to advise them, if that is the case, and to establish contacts.
In 2003 we shall be together once again and we shall once again enjoy the apportunity to recognize the voices that shall soon be heard on Brazilian and international stages.

Cleber Papa
Organizing Commission

  • Organizing Commission:
  • Cleber Papa
  • Felipe Andrade
  • Gilberto Chaves
  • Maria Sylvia Nunes
  • Rosana Caramaschi
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