5th Bidu Sayão International Vocal Competition 2004

Bidu Sayão opens a door to the future.

On his 5th year, The International Bidu Sayão Vocal Competition attained the necessary visibility to be considered as the best achievement of its sort in Brazil. Credibility is probably the best word to define the competition according to singers that participated in previous versions of the Competition.

In fact, when assembling a jury with honorable professionals, among them conductors, opera house directors, singing teachers, and balancing the various tendencies, the Organizing Commission created an environment for integration and dialog with the candidates.

Additionally, The International Bidu Sayão Vocal Competition opens doors, confirms quality patterns and helps individual careers.

Several candidates had received an important "push", as they were invited to concerts, operas and recitals due to their participation in the Competition.

Some participants said that "the experience of the Competition, having contact with people of various states and countries, talking to the jury, all of that represented a fundamental learning experience". This is another important aspect of The International Bidu Sayão Vocal Competition: one of the jury`s mission is to comment individually the participation of each singer, pointing out both his or her strong and weak points, thus generating an important dialog.

When The International Bidu Sayão Vocal Competition was created, one of its main goals was to identify new talents, enlarging the range of cast assembling possibilities. The Bidu Sayão is now both a source of voices and an important instrument for artistic directors, since it is considered a reference to the vocal quality for the majority of participants. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to be heard by a privileged audience in the artistic scenery.

Five years of a solid partnership with Pará State Government, through its Executive Secretary of Culture, that has been making it possible financially and structurally for this project to gain a permanent evolution.

In 2003, the Maria Helena Cardoso Improvement Scholarship was also created to be awarded to a Pará State singer, and used under the supervision of São Paulo ImagemData to pay improvement classes with a teacher selected by the scholarship holder in any Brazilian State, to cover his or her general expenses during the study period, in accordance with previously defined criteria.

On maintaining these characteristics, we hope to amplify year after year, the visibility of new singers, representing a meaningful impulse on their careers.

Cleber Papa
Organizing Commission

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  • Cleber Papa
  • Felipe Andrade
  • Gilberto Chaves
  • Maria Sylvia Nunes
  • Rosana Caramaschi
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