6th Bidu Sayão International Vocal Competition 2005

6º Concurso Internacional de Canto Bidu Sayão

The Challenge of Lyric Chant in Brazil

The International Vocal Competition Bidu Sayão began to be realized six years ago by the Government of the State of Pará, through SECULT - Secretaria Executiva de Cultura (Secretary of Culture), a partnership with São Paulo ImagemData, who has managed to overcome several natural barriers on the quest to establish quality criteria, a vision of future, amidst other factors.

The Bidu Sayão Competition, since it was created and in a particularly Brazilian reference, became the symbol of the possibilities that a singer may have as we remember the successes of the soprano whose name was given to the project. There is, thus, an orientation for the Competition to promote the public exhibition of the participant singers, mainly of those classified for the finals, what does not impede, indeed, that other candidates, even having vocal difficulties at the moment of the Competition, to be recognized and stimulated to go further on their growth. What we were able to observe as a practical result of this last five years is that the vast majority of the finalists of the Competition began to integrate more frequently new opera productions, concerts with the major Brazilian orchestras and, very often, they receive invitations soon afterwards their participation in the Bidu Sayão Chant Competition. It's obvious that, if in one hand the Competition is an important quality reference, by other ways we cannot imagine it as the solution itself. The regents and the directors of houses of spectacles, responsive to the efforts of the participant artists, are, on their turn, to support and promote such artists. We also cannot forget the nature of the artistic talent that distinguishes them, moves them forward and takes them to the right agents, putting them on national and international stages. We can thus say that the participation on the Bidu Sayão Competition is an important moment in the career of an artist. Be it to make the artist known, to ratify their level of quality, to open Brazilian and South American markets to foreigner singers or even as an initial preparation for new talents that have in the Competition the opportunity to exchange experiences, learn new styles and enlarge their horizons.

The 6 th International Vocal Competition Bidu Sayão will be realized with this spirit and with all it's principal's conviction that an important contribution is been given to put the lyric chant in evidence for everyone: artists, producers, entrepreneurs, directors of houses of spectacles and, above all, the public.

SECULT - Secretaria Executiva de Cultura do Estado do Pará
São Paulo ImagemData

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