7th Bidu Sayão International Vocal Competition

A new and important step for the participants of the Competition

In 2006, the International Vocal Competition Bidu Sayão is completing seven years of continued realization by the Government of the State of Pará, through SECULT (Secretary of Culture) in partnership with São Paulo ImagemData.

There is a long way to follow, if we consider the permanent necessity of opening new spaces to lyric chant, one of the most complex artistic expressions. The innate dynamics of the cultural activity, as well as the influences of the communication industry, with its inherent eagerness for immediate success, induces to the erroneous notion that the personal results happens with no necessity of permanent study. Still, countless voices are emerging annually in nearly every reference competition. So it has happened in the Bidu Sayão International Vocal Competition that has had the opportunity to introduce names whose careers conquered visibility. Some participants were even stimulated to pursue new ways and embrace opportunities that appeared as an outcome of their participation, beyond the natural learning that the Competition favors.

In 2006, we're having an innovation in the Bidu Sayão: the closure concert will be realized with the accompaniment of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Theatro da Paz, an important step to the maturation of the Competition and a very positive motivation for the Competition's finalists.

The 7th International Vocal Competition Bidu Sayão is being realized with this spirit and the conviction of all its organizers that they are offering an important contribution to put the chant in focus of everyone's attention: artists, producers, entrepreneurs, director of houses of spectacles and, above all, the public.

Secretaria Executiva de Cultura do Estado do Pará
São Paulo ImagemData

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