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UpToDate - How did you like being awarded in the last Sharp Awards on the Regional Revelation nomination?

Chico Cesar - Oh, I just loved it.


UpToDate - Do you think the nomination was fair to your kind of music?

Chico Cesar - I think the award that was given to me was fair because Sharp Awards is the most important Brazilian music award. It's the most generous event to reward a huge number of people. And it also intends to register the coming up of such new artists like me or Daúde. Or to recognize some well-known work too.


I think that maybe because of organizers' anxiety to reward so many people, they need to create some tags. For me, it's something that doesn't bother me at all. I even consider that regional music is nowadays the main source to the universal music.

For instance, I imagine that my music is as regional as much of Fernanda Abreu's music. (Fernanda Abreu is one of the most important pop-singer-composers from Rio de Janeiro.) It's because Fernanda Abreus's songs deal with a regional language, carioca and regional dance as well. When one thinks about regional, one always thinks about countryside regional music, far from the big cities. Quite contrary, I think that regional stuff may exist in different places.


UpToDate - It depends on the point of view?

Chico Cesar - The grunge music movement from Seattle, for example, it's a kind of regional music. That music is the main feature of its place. Undeniably, it gave an enormous contribuition to all the world's music. In that sense, I don't know whether my music is going to give all that collaboration, but I guess that my music, Carlinhos Brown's music, Chico Science's music, Lenine's music, Fernanda Abreus's music, the Africans' music...

These are musics that bring a very specific elements from one place, that combine these elements with things taken from other world's places. Bringing together a collaboration. In that sense, I truly think it's fair to consider that as a regional music.

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