Brazilian Music Up To Date - Jan/96
The Interview: João Bosco

The Many Brazilian Guitars

"Brazil has a lot of examples to give. Dorival Caymmi is a person who has his own guitar sound. João Gilbertoís guitar is João Gilbertoís guitar. Gilberto Gilís guitar is Gilberto Gilís guitar. Rafael Rabelloís guitar is Rafael Rabelloís guitar. In Brazil, guitar is the soul of music. Tom Jobim made music like that of a piano player, but he played the guitar. When Frank Sinatra made an album with Tom Jobim, there was a piano, but the guitar was that of Jobimís.
Heitor Villa-Lobos wrote the "Bachianas". He has this something with symphonic orchestra, with piano and orchestra, but Villa-Lobosí instrument was strings. He loved the cello and played the guitar. The greatest studies for guitar were composed by Villa-Lobos. Studies, preludes and all great moments of Brazilian guitar were composed by Villa-Lobos.
Dilermando Reis had his own kind of guitar. Brazilian guitar has predecessors. Then Iím just another musician who follows this same thing. Thatís very nice to see, because everyone plays differently, in his own way, thatís Brazilian guitar. It has its own history."

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