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The Interview: Chico Science
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UpToDate You're going more rapidly towards an international career, playing in New York, Montreux and in other european countries, than many other brazilian artists, even veterans. What are the reasons for this success?

Chico Science That's because of the way we work, above all. Because when it came out we sent Da Lama Ao Caos to wherever we could send it to. And it was the world music market that embraced us. We started to send material to various festivals, and once released the disc started to get played on the radio stations. People said 'this is batuque, this isn't batuque, what is it?' And we thought, 'let's spread it around'.That's what our little satellite is. It's something you make with screws and a few other things and it starts flying around. Then it starts falling and you do all you can to keep it moving forward.

So it reached various places, several countries, it got onto various channels. The kids took a look and passed the word around, so it was a disc that reached a really high level. It achieved something we'd never imagined it would.

And that was good for us. It was gratifying to receive faxes inviting us to festivals, one after the other and everything confirmed. So straight away we got into the thing of organizing ourselves.

The first album was one of the things that distanced us from working with the movement as a whole. That's because the thing began to expand. The bloody satellite with its screws jumping and the crowd tightening things up and holding things together. It was something done totally without record company help. We did it all ourselves. After the period of the disc's release had passed, the whole story of working on top of the disc, we then headed abroad. That's what happened.

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