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The Father of the Idea

Ahead of the Companhia Brasileira de Teatro Musical (Brazilian Music Theater Company) is the young play director Rodrigo Pitta, who also wrote the text and the whole conception of the show –, that musical celebration called Cazas de Cazuza (Cazuza Homes), with a premiere on next February 3, at Tom Brasil theater, in São Paulo city, to present, under a very agile



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language fully bolded by the greatest Cazuza and Barão Vermelho band's successes, and the rich variety of the dimensions upon this polemic and ingenious musician, that died of Aids at his 32.

Brilliant Like a Comet

Born on April 4, 1958, Cazuza – one of the greatest and most impacting Brazilian pop singers and songwriters – died of Aids on July 7, 1990, not without leaving a profound impression upon Brazilian music history. Not only for the high quality of his songs, for his distinguished voice, or for the restless force of his poetry, but also because of his magnetic and controversy public image, which was always full of life above all.

When he died, the common sense was unique – someone very special had gone away leaving a body of work that would just increase its importance on the way to come and would be revisited by so many people, beginning by Barão Vermelho (Red Baron), the band that released his career and was his secure platform for a well-succeded solo career.

The Song Remains The Same

This Broadway-format will be released onstage with the support of 16 singer-actors. The musical show will also present a live band with six musicians that will play some of the best Cazuza's songs such as "Ideologia" (Ideology), "Brasil", "Pro Dia Nascer Feliz" (For a Happy New Day), "Faz Parte do Meu Show" (It Belongs To My Show), "Bete Balanço", "Maior Abandonado" (An Abandoned Adult), "O Tempo Não Pára" (Time Doesn't Stop), among others, which has even received a pompous arrangement by Daniel Ribeiro, the musical director of the show.

The Dimensions of Cazuza's Personality

Under the atmosphere of a midle-class building in Baixo Leblon neighbourhood, at Rio de Janeiro South Region, this two part musical history deals with the troubles of a relationship between some of the people living there, specially Justo, Deco, Bete Balanço, Enrico, Mia, Vera e Ernesto, the main characters of the show, each of them trying to pursue their dreams, accomplishments, lovers and a way out to their lives, based upon the impressions of Cazuza's lyrics as a guide to the whole action. The plot is guided by some questions like sex, drugs, Aids, loss, death and, of course, a good deal of rock. Through the show the seven main characters reveal a beat of the Cazuza's dimensions (Cazas de Cazuza = Cazuza Homes) and the so polemic and real behaviour that tagged his life all over.

A Homage Under Approval

Regarding the intention and the suitable homage to the Brazilian idol, fans can be assured that it previously got the approval by two key figures in the artist's life – Lúcia Araujo, his mother, and a great journalist friend Ezequiel Neves. "I could identify him on the very aspects of the characters. He's present in each one of them, who will always exist. This work is really fine", explains Ezequiel.

The Cazuza's Crew

After a six month research upon the life and work of the musician, Rodrigo Pitta the director, a young 23 year talent who directed past year the so well-succeded musical called Pocket Broadway, eventually shaped this rock-opera Cazas de Cazuza. He count on a cast of young brilliant actors who have already started a promising career and have previously experience in other works of the same genre.



Jay Vaquer (Justo)
Lulo Scroback (Deco)
Débora Reis (Bete Balanço)
Fernando Prata (Enrico)
Vanessa Gerbelli (Mia)
Rosana Pereira (Vera)
Bukasa Kabenguele (Ernesto)
Marcelo Góes / Daniela Cury / Wagner Emmy / Nayma Ferreira / Tatiana Parra / Ivan Parente / Mariana Elisabetsky / Tchello Palma / Ana Torres


Director ................................. Rodrigo Pitta
Musical Director.................... Daniel Ribeiro
Director Assistent...................Rosana Pereira
Coreographer...........................Sandro Borelli
Production Director ................Andréa Pitta e Cinthia Pedreschi
Lighting ................................. Caetano Vilela
Scenery .................................. Paola Scartezini
Wardrobe ............................... Paola Scartezini e Elaine Azevedo


"Um Trem Para as Estrelas" (A Train To The Stars) / "Eu Preciso Dizer Que Te Amo" (I Must Say I Love You) / "Pro Dia Nascer Feliz" (For a Happy New Day) / "Completamente Blue" (Absolutelly Blue) / "Certo Dia Na Cidade" (A Certain Day In Town) / "Vida Fácil" (Ease Life) / "Faz Parte do Meu Show" (It Belongs To My Show) / "Todo Amor Que Houver Nesta Vida" (All Love That Life Has Gotten) / "O Tempo Não Pára" (Time Doesn't Stop) / "Bete Balanço" / "Cobaias de Deus" (God's Guinea-pig) / "Mal Nenhum" (No Wrong) / "Brasil" / "Posando de Star" (Acting Like A Star) / "Obrigado" (Thank You) / "Ideologia" (Ideology) / "Codinome Beija-Flor" (Nickname Beija-Flor)


Companhia Brasileira de Teatro Musical
Tom Brasil / São Paulo / SP


Opening: February 3, (thursday)
From thursday to sunday
Time: to confirm
Place: Tom Brasil Theater– Rua das Olimpíadas, 66 –Vila Olímpia / SP / SP
Tickets: Frisa C – R$ 20,00 / Setor 2 – R$ 25,00
Section 1 – R$ 30,00 / Frisas A e B – R$ 35,00
Vip Section – R$ 40,00 / Loge – R$ 45,00
Sell: 0800-550400 (with credit card)
Fun by Fone – (011) 867-8687
Showtickets – Shopping Iguatemi
(for a group) – (011) 822-3344
Information: (011) 820-2326


From left to right: Jay Vaquer (Justo), Lulo Scroback (Deco), Débora Reis (Bete Balanço), Rosana Pereira (Vera), Bukasa Kabenguele (Ernesto), Fernando Prata (Enrico) e Vanessa Gerbelli (Mia).

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